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Organization chart as of July 1,2017
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Company-owned head office in Nihonbashi, Tokyo
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Kisaku Kida establishes sales office and starts business.
February 1947 The sales office moves to the current Tokyo head office location
The Kisaku Kida & Co. is established and Kisaku Kida assumes office as a representative.
Fukagawa warehouse is set up.
August 1952 The Sendai branch office is established at Higashi 7-bancho, Sendai city.
April 1971 Kida Co., Ltd. is established and Seiichi Kida assumes office as a President & CEO.
April 1971 Sendai branch office moves to Oroshimachi, Sendai city.
March 1972 Akita liaison office is established.
February 1973 Hachinohe liaison office is established.
September 1980 The new Tokyo head office building is completed.
November 1983 The tank field is set up in the Sendai port distribution centre.
June 1990 Nobuo Kida assumes office as a President & CEO.
June 1994 Sodium hypochlorite and Iron (II) chloride tank storage capacity is raised in the Sendai port distribution centre.
February 1997 The toxic materials warehouse which provides office and analysis room is completed in the Sendai port distribution centre.
March 1998 The liquid Sodium hydroxide diluting plant is completed in the Sendai port distribution centre.
March 2002 The high-compressed gases warehouse is completed in the Sendai port distribution centre.
April 2003 Introduction of new computer dealing system for Sales & Purchases
August 2005 New subdividing plant of the liquid chemical products for small-size container in Sendai port distribution center
December 2008 Sendai branch office moves to Oroshimachi 1-choume
Wakabayashi-ku ,Sendai city

Company profile  

Name Kida Co., Ltd.

Head office・
Tokyo sales branch

4-3-9 Honcho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku Tokyo 103-0023, Japan
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  Honcho warehouse The same location as head office
  Fukagawa warehouse 1-3-13 Tokiwa Kouto-ku Tokyo 135-0006, Japan
Sendai sales branch 1-2-7 Oroshimachi Wakabayashi-ku Sendai city Miyagi Pref. 984-0015, Japan
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  Hachinohe liaison office 1-14-27 Oroshisenter Hachinohe city Aomori Pref.039-1121,Japan
  Akita liaison office Sanno-Zensyo Bldg. 3-1-48, Sanno Akita city Akita Pref. 010-0951, Japan
  Sendai port
  distribution centre
4-121-5 Minato Miyagino-ku Sendai city Miyagi Pref. 983-0001, Japan
  Oroshimachi warehouse 3-1-1 Oroshimachi Wakabayashi-ku Sendai city Miyagi Pref.984-0015, Japan

April 1 1971

Capital 20 million yen
Share holders: Kisaku Kida & Co.
Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
Nobuo Kida
Kida Co., Ltd. employees stock holding association
Annual sales 6.60 billion yen ( as of March 2017)
Business areas Marketing & Sales(Industrial chemicals, fine chemicals, ceramics,
synthetic resins and civil engineering materials) and the affiliated business
Board members ( as of July 2017 )
President & CEO Nobuo Kida
Senior Managing Director
Hidekazu Kida

Managing Director & general manager of Sendai office

Masayuki Suenaga
Auditor Koichi Hirayama
Number of employees 45 (including Executive officers)


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Kida Co., Ltd. head office 4-3-9 Honcho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku Tokyo,Japan TEL.03-3279-2451