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President greeting

President greeting

Having pride & confidence as a professional trading company

Kida Co., Ltd has been playing a role in promoting trade mainly between manufacturers of industrial chemicals/ functional products and end-users as a business agent since its establishment in 1912.

Especially in recent years, we have been successful in actively providing useful information for private & public enterprises and collaborating with them in order to solve their environmental problems.

To our end-users
Please donft hesitate to inquire us of your needs for the products and solutions to your ongoing and probable problems.
On the bases of our marketing experiences and know-how as a professional trade company, we are committed to a timely delivery of various products and providing new applications for products and services which will be in demand in the future.

To manufacturers
We promise to be a reliable business partner in order to cooperate with you to create various distribution channels and usages for your products.
Considering our missions and social roles committed so far, we will make further efforts to strength our marketing activities on the international trading-company bases.

Please donft hesitate to inform us of any requests or comments.
I look forward to your ongoing support. Thank you.

  Nobuo Kida
President & CEO


Company Philosophy
1 Good vorks for Others @
2 Co-existence and Co-prosperity
3 Reliability and Simplicity
Management Principle
  1. Socially Responsible
2. Attractive and Reputable
3. Progressive
4. Social Contribution Minded
5. Good Human Resources Manager
Codes of Conduct
  We strive to develop attractive markets and products.
We are motivated to set a high goal and improve ourselves.
We maintain our innovative mind.
We act upon public morals.
We are committed to quick action and execution.
We are responsible for our own action and flexible to the varying circumstances.
We seek advice on important matters from our supervisors.


Kida Co., Ltd. head office 4-3-9 Honcho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku Tokyo,Japan TEL.03-3279-2451